Friday, September 10, 2010

PLI/RPL can be deposited in any PO in India

The facility has now been provided to the PLI/RPLI customers to pay the premium anywhere in the country. They can now approach any Head Post Office or Sub Post Office to pay the premium. In the computerized Head Post Office/Sub Post Offices, if the particular policy number does not exist in the record of the HO, the system shall ask if the new policy number is to be added to the list. On choosing the option of ‘Yes’ the premium is accepted. Such policy numbers when added shall become part of the data of that post office and shall be circulated in the schedule of the month in which premium is deposited. The schedule shall be uploaded in the prescribed manner as is being done now. On uploading the schedule, the premium of such policies shall get posted in the respective KLC.

The facility to customers to pay premium anywhere shall do away the need for transfer of case file of policies from one Circle to another for the purpose of paying the premium. The case files may be transferred in accordance with existing instructions. This shall help in reducing the lapsation of policies.


General Manager

PLI Directorate.

Dte. No: 27-02/2010-LI dated 3.8.2010